Los Angeles Times Festival of Books 2013

Last weekend was the Los Angeles TimesFestival of Books, in case you missed it. Don’t worry, you didn’t miss too much. I only got to go on Sunday, and though it had a lot of fun things to do (hello—ninja test? What level ninja are you? Yes, please!), I would have liked to have seen more authors and publishers. This was still a good way to spend a beautiful Sunday. Plus, free stuff!

Also, I learned that twice a year, Penguin puts out a compendium of the first chapters of its upcoming books. For free! But you can only get them at book festivals. I’m about to dig in, so I’ll keep you posted.

image (2)
The L.A. Times Festival of Books was held on the USC campus.
image (5)
image (6)
Sure. Why wouldn’t the L.A. Opera be at a book fair?
image (10)
Natural History Museum tent…and a lion head
image (3)
More USC
image (8)
image (1)
Just packed with books…
image (9)

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