The Incredible Advantage of Google Glass in Fashion

Nina Garcia explores Google Glass for NYFW. Photo courtesy Marie Claire

I’ve been going back and forth on this whole Google Glass thing. As much as I love technology, there is a point where it will be too intrusive in our daily lives. But I don’t think Google’s latest contraption is (yet), only because I can see the benefits of what may come from it for the fashion industry. Marie Claire Creative Director Nina Garcia plans to wear it during New York Fashion Week come fall, and it’s going to be extraordinary. That might seem like too grand of a word, but think about it: We’ll be sitting front row with Garcia during the biggest fashion event of the year. Most of us would have to work for decades to get that seat—not that I’m not going to try—and I’m thrilled that we can have the next-best thing.

And that doesn’t have to be all of it: photo shoots, first looks, interviews, shopping—there are so many glimpses to be had into the lives of the fashion elite.

According to WWD, Garcia’s photos, videos and other fashion week insights will be beamed live across several of Garcia’s and Marie Claire’s social media channels, including Vine, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, and Hearst is tagging the event “Be Nina.”

“Usually I have lots of devices during fashion week. Google Glass Expedition is controlled by your voice or a tap of your finger. It’s a very different device than the iPhone. It’s like wearing a little computer,” Garcia said to WWD‘s Rosemary Feitelberg. “It’s a hands-free experience which is kind of liberating. I can go to a show and just be and not be looking down at my iPhone all the time.”

Despite the “liberation,” Garcia did note that the device’s short battery life of one-to-two hours will be hinderance, as fashion week demands closer to a 12-hour workday. Nina problems, right?

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