4 Hot Babes You’ll Say “Yeah, Right” to When They Tell You They’re Plus-Size Models

Real talk, guys: I had trouble not bursting into laughter when I wrote “Plus-Size” into this headline. These girls are gorgeous models, and they happen to not be a size 00. Technically, they’re plus-size models—but after looking at these ladies, what does that even mean ? From what I gather, it means anyone who doesn’t fit into designer sample sizes, and I’m going to guess that pretty much all of us. (Also, side note: A former Cosmopolitan editor recently wrote an exposé on how, in more recent years, women’s magazines have put more effort into photoshopping models to look bigger (“fuller” might be a better word). It’s worth a read.)

4. Leah Kelley

Leah burst onto the scene recently modeling Robin Lawley’s (see below) swimsuit line, and people went nuts—over an instagram of the shoot. The swimwear wasn’t even out yet! You can see why she is such a hit.

Leah Kelley Leah Kelley

3. Toccara Jones

Though she finished in seventh place on season three of America’s Next Top Model, Ms. Jones has gone on to a fabulous modeling career and even has her own workout DVD, Toccara’s Fabulous Workout.

Toccara Jones2Tocarra Jones

2. Robyn Lawley

So. Much. Gorgeous. Robyn has worked with massively talented photographers including Lee Broomfield and Steven Meisel and is the first plus-size (sorry, “plus-size,” because, be serious. She’s skinny if she’s anything.) model to appear in a campaign for Ralph Lauren.

Robyn LawleyRobyn Lawley 2

1. Crystal Renn

My all time favorite model, Crystal Renn, is pretty much perfection from every angle. She caught flak a few years ago for losing weight, but her rep assured us she was just exercising and hiking more, and not starving herself.

crystal renn_fordmodels185054-800w Crystal Renn2

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