Trust me.

I love books. I love writing. And like everyone else, I love bitching. How perfect!

As an editor and published writer living in Los Angeles, the hours I spend reading and evaluating have led to an even more fun hobby of book reviews. Don’t know if you should waste your money on that best seller or random piece of fiction? Don’t worry — I already have. And I’m happy to do the legwork for you, whether it turns out to be terrible (1 out of 4 bitches) or amazing (5 out of 4 bitches).

And if you need another reason to trust me, you can rest assured that I don’t limit my books to a specific genre or list of New York Times best sellers (though, they help). No — I’m reading all of it. Even the hate reads. You know, the books that you don’t carry around in public because no one needs to know you gave a real housewife of Beverly Hills your money voluntarily.

And if you need another reason to trust me? Too fucking bad. I’m busy. Reading.

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