Wow, Everyone is Flipping Out Over Lady Gaga’s “Minimalist” Look While Forgetting to Ask One Important Question

What was she going to do, anyway? Seriously, she wore a dress of steak. STEAK. How do you get to a higher level of being outrageous from that—with a sea shell bra and g-string? No, no, not really. We were all expecting her shock value to climb and climb and climb, forgetting that at a certain point we’d be so used to it that she could walk around naked with an panda glued to her head and we wouldn’t even blink.

And if you’re still not done discussing it, I’d like to take a moment to reflect on this gem:

Lady-Gaga-frog-dress_lAnd this one, just for fun:

tumblr_ky7t52x8Vo1qzh5gno1_400Also, let’s be clear: Face paint is her “minimalist” look. Face paint.

Lady Gaga Sighting In Los Angeles - August 12, 2013

LAFW: Best of the Weekend

I’ll be honest, I was less than impressed with the clothes I saw on the runway during Los Angeles Fashion Weekend. Also, disappointed — after seeing some incredibly talented designers at FGI‘s “Meet the Designer and the Muse” last week, I really thought the runway looks would blow my mind. Overall, the clothes at L.A. Fashion Weekend were just … uninspired. I expected more. Better. I mean, Los Angeles has such a talent pool of unique artists. Artists. What Katie May can do with double georgette fabric is beyond words, and gravity, because that’s what her final results do; they defy gravity. I swear, her model last week was floating around the room.

Anyway, there were some looks from Ashlee Brooks and Dina Bar-El that were gorgeous. But most of my favorite fashion came from the people watching the shows. Check out the slideshow below for my favorite looks, both on the runway and off. Oh, and though I thought the clothes from Hi Fashion were bit too Lady Gaga-centric, their dancing models and spontaneous singing made for a great show.