Fashion Strategy: Seeing (And Buying) Red


I have a small problem that most people would scoff at, but you, my loyal readers, will totally understand. I am lacking … Louboutins. I am craving a pair of red-soled beauties and would love your advice on imploring my budget-conscience husband to let me buy them. This will probably never happen. At least, not at full price.

But here’s my next problem: I could go to Rue La La or Gilt and, with some luck and good timing, finagle some Louboutins. But it’s just not as satisfying as buying them from the man himself, or as a second option, Neiman‘s or Nordstrom‘s.

What to do, fashion gods!

Is it worth the hundreds of dollars that might be better left in our savings account? Or is the magic that I’m imagining comes built into the cushy soles real?

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