Man, People Love to Hate Brooklyn Girls

HBO With The Cinema Society Host The New York Premiere Of HBO's "Girls"

I’m not talking about a general girls-of-brooklyn hate, I mean a specific book: “Brooklyn Girls,” which is apparently “Sex and the City,” but in a different burrough and younger. And broke. Just as boy-crazy.

Anyway, people are hate-loving this thing. I don’t think I care enough to read it, probably because I’m too old, however, I do love Lena Dunham, and she doesn’t like it either. So maybe it’s not an age thing as much as it is a trend-exceeding-its-flash-point thing.

I had a thought for a moment after reading these many opinions on Brooklyn girls: What about L.A. girls? It would be pretty much the same thing, just a more showered form of hipster who is employed—but still in PR. Some things for girls in their twenties are just universal.

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