Wardrobe Update: From Summer to Fall with 3 Easy Pieces

Finally! Fall is here! For most of you, it arrived weeks ago along with red and orange trees and maybe even an early dusting of snow. But here in L.A., today finally feels like the day that fall has taken root, with (slightly) chilly weather, shorter days and palm trees that stay the same color year-round.

So, it’s time to transition your summer wardrobe into fall. For us on the left coast, that means dressing for weather that is in a weird in-between, goldilocks kind of stage: not too hot, not too cold—just right. It’s easier than it sounds, though, and you only need three items that to make a huge—a whole season’s worth—of difference.

1. Boots, Boots, Boots!

353407-01-1_589x860Let’s start with my (and probably everyone’s) favorite: boots! boots boots boots! They are so easy and make every outfit cute with just the right amount of sexy. Boots are perfect over jeans or tights if you’re working with a skirt, all of which you have left from your summer wardrobe. They go to work, they go to the bar, they go on dates. Just go get some boots! This year, I chose Valletta black boots with a little hardware from justfab.com. These are just to-the-knee boots, but the big trend this fall will be over-the-knee boots, so don’t be afraid of a little bit of the dramatic.

2. A Blazer with Something Special

image1xlFor the past few years, we’ve all been wearing the usual black blazer, maybe sometimes venturing into navy or white or even a tuxedo fit. But this season, let’s try something new with a patterned blazer like this one from Asos, or maybe one with leather accents from Yigal Azrouel.

3. A Satchel Bag

Screen Shot 2013-10-15 at 10.20.18 AMYou’ve heard me sing the praises of the Cambridge Satchel before, that’s no surprise. But it doesn’t have to be from Cambridge; Topshop has a really cute one in vinyl. Or, if you have money to burn, 3.1 Philip Lim has an adorable Pashli satchel that is just the right size.

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