8 Confessions of a Fashion Lover

I love fashion, that’s pretty obvious. But…

hbz-september-2013-sarah-jessica-parker-chanel-xln-857204481. I love love love designer clothes, but I don’t wear them.

I actually dress in basics every day: flats, skinny jeans, a cute-ish but plain top and whatever style I can wrangle my frizzy hair into. I always manage makeup, but that’s about as far as I go into fashion on a daily basis. Sometimes there’s cute jewelry involved. But that doesn’t mean I don’t have the interest—my floor is littered with fashion magazines, and I certainly have my industry idols (Sarah Burton, Joe Zee, Frida Giannini…on and on). I love the creativity and imagination that goes into designing clothes, and think it’s a courageous endeavor, to put your ideas out there for other people to critique. Fashion is art, and those who create it reveal their thoughts and emotions as any other artist would with a canvas or a pen.

2. I’m extremely camera shy.

Seriously, any photos you see of me that aren’t my hands—that took hours. And they are a result of playing with angles and light and trying to do some photo-editing magic. Instagram helps a lot.

3. No one says “fashionista.”

Ugh, people hate that. All people—not just fashion-industry types, but just, all people.

4. Runway shows go really fast.

You’ll wait and wait for one to start (all editors side-eye Marc Jacobs), but when they finally get the show on the road (or, runway, ha), it lasts like 10-15 minutes. And sometimes, I’ll see a look on the runway that I think looks kind of meh, maybe just OK, and then in photos later, it is stunning.

5. I kind of think Carrie Bradshaw is the worst.

I know all fashion lovers should worship at the feet of Sex and the City and Ms. Bradshaw, but I just can’t handle her ridiculous quotes: “I couldn’t help but wonder, can you make a mistake and miss your fate?” F-ing, no. If you missed it, then it wasn’t really your fate, now was it? But I guess you’d have to believe in fate to begin with. Vomit.

6. I have made some amazing fashion mistakes.

Just because you love fashion doesn’t mean you won’t fall victim to it (especially when you’re a teenager). Example: Did I own Uggs at some point? Yep. And early-2000’s tie-worn-as-belt? CHECK. However, I’m proud to say my closet has never seen a trucker hat or any juicy couture.

7. I flippin’ hate tiny hats.

Because…why? Why do you need to wear a hat that could fit a doll? I never understood why this became a thing for some people. Agh.

8. The people with the best style are not following trends.

What makes you and your style unique are the quirks—the weird stuff that maybe others wouldn’t try, but you jump right on in. Just go with it!

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