Photo of the Day: (A Bit Scary) Self-Portrait

I make it no secret that I hate being in photos. Like, HATE being in photos. I’m pretty sure most people think I’m joking or only half mean that, but no—part of the reason I’m loving my photography classes is because it gives me an excuse to be behind the camera instead of in front of it.

So, this week’s assignment was to take a self-portrait.


The good news is that I knew about this particular assignment way ahead of time and got it out of the way awhile ago (this is why my “about” section has anything to look at. Two birds, one camera.)

Anyway, just to add some fun to the mix, I also did a “self-portrait” with the bobble heads Alec and I received as a wedding present. Love these! They make me smile every day, much like my hubby.

Bobble Heads EDITED.jpg

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