Photos of the Day: Sad Ranunculus

I usually try to add flowers to a photo as an accent instead of the whole shebang. But now I’m working on a project where the topic is the passage of time, so I’m pretty much photographing flowers in the process of wilting. I’m also working on a lighting experiment that went a big haywire, but I like it. Continue reading “Photos of the Day: Sad Ranunculus”

Road Trip Across (Half of) America

I can hardly believe it’s been seven years since I packed up my car and drove halfway across the country to California. I spent about a year in New York after college and then decided to try San Diego (before L.A….it’s been busy), so I went back to Oklahoma for a month, visited some friends and then drove to sunny Southern Cali.

Along the way, I took a few pictures. But the film got mixed up in the move once I finally arrived, so I didn’t see these photos until today! My husband found the rolls of film around the time we were getting the disposable cameras from our wedding developed, and the developed pictures have been sitting in our filing cabinet for a year and a half, waiting patiently to be looked at. So glad I went searching for something else and stumbled across these. There were even some pics from college in there! (Definitely more on that later.)

cross country trip1 cross country2 cross country3

Start Spreadin’ the News

I’m so happy to announce that two of my pictures will be featured in the APA—LA Off the Clock exhibition! Ready for April to get here!

The first photo was taken at the Run or Dye 5K (Inland Empire) this past summer, and the second photo was taken at the Getty Center in Los Angeles, also last summer.

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Photo of the Day: (A Bit Scary) Self-Portrait

I make it no secret that I hate being in photos. Like, HATE being in photos. I’m pretty sure most people think I’m joking or only half mean that, but no—part of the reason I’m loving my photography classes is because it gives me an excuse to be behind the camera instead of in front of it.

So, this week’s assignment was to take a self-portrait.


The good news is that I knew about this particular assignment way ahead of time and got it out of the way awhile ago (this is why my “about” section has anything to look at. Two birds, one camera.)

Anyway, just to add some fun to the mix, I also did a “self-portrait” with the bobble heads Alec and I received as a wedding present. Love these! They make me smile every day, much like my hubby.

Bobble Heads EDITED.jpg

Photos of the Day: Garden Party

Our friends, Seth and Danielle, are getting married soon, and her wedding shower was last weekend. Laura, our lovely hostess, threw a French garden party to celebrate and was kind enough to let me play shutterbug. Below are my favorites, which I also used for our weekly photo assignment, which was design focused this time.

Shower Danielle an Sis EDITEDShower Food 3 EDITED Shower Flowers 2 EDITED Shower Food 1 EDITED Shower Food 4 EDITED Shower Flowers 1 EDITED Shower Food 5 EDITEDShower Danielle and Sis EDITED Shower Gifts EDITED Shower Flowers 3 EDITEDShower Food 2 EDITED