Photos of the Day: Sad Ranunculus

I usually try to add flowers¬†to a photo as an accent instead of the whole shebang. But now I’m working on a project where the topic is the passage of time, so I’m pretty much photographing flowers in the process of wilting. I’m also working on a lighting experiment that went a big haywire, but I like it. Continue reading “Photos of the Day: Sad Ranunculus”

Photo of the Day: Morning Walk

“Did it rain last night?” is the question I keep hearing Angelenos ask each other this time of year. Some friends who live in west L.A.¬†swear it has rained this week, but over in West Hollywood (which is more east than it sounds), I haven’t seen a drop. Sprinklers, though, resulted in some drenched flower buds this morning.

photo 5