L.A. Fashion Corner: Off the Runway

My dirty little secret is that, many times, my favorite looks from runway shows happen off the runway. The people who attend always go above and beyond in the creativity department, and the crowd at last Friday’s L.A. Fashion Corner show was just as competitive as the rest. Fashion!

L.A. Fashion Corner Best of the Night: M…The Movement

Now…there aren’t many looks here, I know. But that’s because I only really liked a few of the looks from M…The Movement’s collection, on display last Friday at L.A. Fashion Corner. It was mostly casual pieces offset by the odd (in a good way) accessory. The funniest part of the show came when a set of twins, models, hit the runway together and did a kind of switching jackets juggling act, but it didn’t go as smoothly as it probably did in their heads, which seemed like probably the only time they rehearsed it. Regardless, there were a few looks that are worth mentioning.

L.A. Fashion Corner Best of the Night: Kami Shade’

The first thing I think about when someone mentions “covered in sparkly” isn’t usually “cool babe, that’s awesome,” but I did love Kami Shade’s’ collection at L.A. Fashion Corner last Friday and couldn’t stop picturing it on the likes of Mila Kunis (who, let’s be honest, probably looks good in anything but could easily rock a fitted sequined romper).

L.A. Fashion Corner Best of the Night: House of 11

L.A. Fashion Corner was last Friday, and there were many talented (and at least one less-than-talented) designers on display. House of 11 was my favorite of the night, though it could be considered a tie between Hof11 and Kami Shade’. The gold accents and occasional leather paneling/pieces both stood out without overwhelming the designs. Below are my top picks from the collection.