Rock That Fashion V: Off the Runway (and Backstage)

I’ve said before that my favorite styles are many times found off the runway and in the creative and stylish crowd that attends runway shows, and that was even more true for Friday night’s Rock That Fashion V at Boulevard3. My favorites are below, but trust—there were so many more that I couldn’t get to for a photo!

But let’s take a moment to talk about the runway at Boulevard3. There are two levels at this venue, yet the runway sits up above the bar, exactly in between the two. So shooting from the second level of the club (I think it’s a club? or fashion bar?) is too high and shooting from the floor is too low and you can see up the models’ noses. It makes rows of chairs surrounding the runway pretty useless, so they don’t even bother. There are couches here and there. Thanks to the very helpful directions of the other photographers at the event, I found a decent spot for photos at the end of the runway, behind some curtains that, luckily, we could pull aside.

Eesh, it might be awhile before I head back to anything there.

Best of the Night: Rock That Fashion V

Normally, I would do individual posts for each collection from a runway show, but last night’s Rock that Fashion V was, for the most part, a letdown. Some of the designs, shown here, were well tailored and fun, but there wasn’t anything life-changing. Or really innovative, which is what I’m hoping for when I check out a designer. But its wasn’t all disappointing, there were a few  quality designs.

Boulevard3 Runway
Boulevard3 Runway