Miley Cyrus Tries Too Hard At the VMAs; Leaves Us All Feeling a Bit Sad and Violated

As much as you probably would rather have a post about the different looks at Sunday’s MTV Video Music Awards, instead, I’m going to spotlight the worst offender of the night. I’m pretty sure we were all left feeling the same watching Miley Cyrus’ performance: depressed, a little horrified and helpless to stop it.

“What are you doing!” goes your inner monologue, as Ms. Cyrus was seemingly unable to contain her tongue inside her mouth. Tip: If Robin Thicke looks bored as your molest him on stage, then you are not pulling off sexy. She was trying way too hard; her “choreography” reeked of desperation and Paris Hilton’s perfume. Below are some of the best/saddest shots of her performance with Robin Thicke. Enjoy.