Training Week #15: 18 Miles

Yet again, this was a tough run. It was made especially hard since I’m coming off a 4-week (flippin’…FOUR WEEKS) cold that turned into bronchitis…the last month has been exhausting from that alone. Whatever, I’m just glad to wake up and not cough up a lung. So, following my doctor’s orders to not move from my bed, I took a two week break before our early morning 18-mile run. I was a little nervous that my legs would stop working, and they almost did, but I finished. And I kept running a quote from famed runner Dean Karnazes through my head:

“Run when you can, walk if you have to, crawl if you must; just never give up.”

Excellent advice from an inspiring athlete.

Beach Run2

Run or Dye—To Color Run or To Not Color Run

Have you guys tried this? I’m all about the 5k, they’re a great, quick workout, lots of fun and spirit and you get a t-shirt (admit it—that’s half the reason we do this!). I did a Run or Dye 5k and it was pretty fun, save for the volunteer who through the green powder directly into my eyes (less fun). I snapped some photos, below, including one of myself and the hubby.

Run or Dye 1 Run or Dye 2 Run or Dye 3 IMG_2109