Brighten Up Friday with Lips to Get You Noticed

Friday is a great day to jump into your relaxed, casual, weekend-chic look, but sometimes you want to glam it up juuuust a smidge. Simply adding a flash of pink or red (or coral or, why not, orange) to your beauty routine can quickly up your style’s gorgeous quotient. Love!

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Beauty Buy: Veria Innerdosha Clean the Surface Gentle Exfoliant

As excited as I was for the bold weather to set it, now that it has ravaged my skin and left me with dry dry dry skin that I can’t seem to moisturize enough—ugh, enough! I’m ready for spring. And short sleeves! And weather that allows for for sandals!
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10 Outfits to Match Pantone’s Top 10 Colors for Fall


They’re back! After announcing Radiant Orchid as the 2014 Color of the Year, Pantone has followed up with its top 10 colors for fall: Radiant Orchid, Royal Blue, Aluminum, Aurora Red, Misted Yellow, Sangria, Mauve Mist, Cognac, Bright Cobalt, Cypress.

“This is a season of untypical colors—more reflective of the imagination and ingenuity, which makes for an artful collection of colors and combinations not bound by the usual hues for fall,” said Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute. “There is a feminine mystique that is reflected throughout the palette, inspired by the increasing need for women everywhere to create an individual imprint.”

We’ve put together our own little guide on wearing the top 10 colors for fall. For buying info, visit Polyvore.


Beauty Buy: Amarté Natural Finish BB Cream

Raise your hand if you don’t like wearing foundation (me!). It’s heavy and gloppy and sometimes just too obvious. But wait—I just tried Amarté Natural Finish BB Cream. It gives you the same coverage as a foundation, but it’s so, so light. It’s like it was whipped, which gives you a super smooth application. It just glides right on, AND I haven’t even told you the best part.

So, you already know that I’m a huge, huge advocate of wearing sunscreen on a daily basis. And I do—it’s just that most lotions or makeup products that incorporate sun protection only go up to SPF 15. And that’s not enough: The American Academy of Dermatology recommends that you wear at least SPF 30 daily. And if you’re going to run around doing outdoor activities, then wear SPF 50. Well, Amarte has SPF 36, which is definitely enough for daily use and it doesn’t smell like sunscreen or feel thick like other high-enough SPF foundations. Just try it, I promise, you’ll be hooked.

amarte 1 Natural-Finish-BB-Cream-Light-Texture{Bottom image courtesy of Amarté}

Beauty Buy: Repêchage Algo Mist

I’m in love with hot yoga. Seriously: I’m in LOVE with hot yoga. There’s something about sweating out all the toxins and stress that have built up during the day. Plus, stretching in 100 degree-plus heat makes your muscles so pliable and bendy. You just feel refreshed and delicious afterward.

But even better? Getting into my car after stepping out of a humid, almost-dripping room and spraying my face and skin with this mist. The Repêchage Algo Mist Hydrating Seaweed Facial Spray has amino acids, Vitamin C and Ginko Biloba extract—it feels like a summer breeze, especially after a tough, super-sweaty workout. Of course, you can use it anytime, it doesn’t have to be just for your post-workout routine (but I highly recommend it).


Beauty Buy: Big Girl Cosmetics Lipstick in Yum

Love, you guys. L-O-V-E. I always have the hardest time finding the right shade of lipstick that looks good and feels natural, but still gives me a pop of color. I mean, Big Girl Cosmetics might as well write on the lipstick, “Courtney, we made this shade (Yum) just for you.”

photo 2z1_lipstick pic
Product image courtesy of Big Girl Cosmetics

Morning Run and an Amazing View

We are in week #6 of training for the 2014 L.A. Marathon, and I’ve been trying to squeeze in some runs before work. This morning, I finished up and decided I had enough energy to do stairs in my building. When I got to the top of the stairs, which end at the door to the roof, I realized I’d never taken advantage of our top-of-the-building view! I got there just as the sun came up. Beautiful—a great way to start the morning!


12 Rules of Fashion I Wish I Had Known in my 20s

So, I’m there: I’ve made it to my thirties. It wasn’t scary; It wasn’t sad. It just was. Because, really, there’s not much difference between being 29 years and 364 days old and being 30 years old. But, I will admit, there is a major difference between how I dressed throughout my twenties and how I dress now. To help you avoid these same mistakes, I thought I’d compile my (hard-learned) wisdom of age (“age”).

This might be my (sister's) best fashion choice when I was younger.
Possibly the best thing I’ve ever worn was this junior bridesmaid dress. I would have worn it to school if my parents had let me.

1. Don’t buy a size you’re dieting to be someday.

Oh wow, my closet is full (well, half full) of clothes that I fit into for like one really good, super skinny, pretty dehydrated day. I mean, I won’t get rid of them because I still have a goal weight (just like everyone does, right?), but I could have saved a chunk of money if I had just been more realistic about my dieting practices—and bought shoes instead! On this note, don’t try to squeeze into a size you aren’t. It more often than not results in a squeezed sausage effect that no one likes. Or wants to sleep with.

2. Buy less for more and wear it longer.

I, like many women in their twenties, worshipped at the altar of Forever 21 throughout most of the decade (and even Charlotte Russe in high school. Remember that store?). But, what I should have done was put money aside from each paycheck, just a little, and saved up to buy one nice, pricier item every 6-12 months, then filled the rest of my wardrobe with less expensive basics (casual shirts, jeans and flats, always, from Gap or Banana Republic) each season. After a couple of years, you end up with some envious pieces, a killer wardrobe and a distinctive style. Just saying: Put down the floral crop top that will shrink to the size of a onesie after a single wash. It’s not worth your $3.

3. Stand up straight.

There is nothing that bugs me more looking back at pictures of myself from a few years ago, when I was actually wearing a cute outfit (or hell—my WEDDING DRESS) and wished someone had told me to stand up straight. I know I look about 5 pounds heavier than I actually was just because I didn’t notice I was slumping my shoulders. Important advice from my ballet teacher: Pretend like there is a string running up from your spine through the top of your head and pulling you straight up to the sky. It works. Do it, younger me.

4. Be bold.

I spent so long being scared to wear anything that was too brightly colored, or too voluminous, or too structured, or too has-a-crazy-print. I should have just taken the plunge and worn those super fun clothes because, I promise, no one is judging. (OK, some people might judge, but they’re boring anyway so who cares what they think?) It’s not that I was young enough to take fashion risks and I’m too old now that I’m 30; it’s that I feel confident being bold just now, when I should have always been—I could have looked way cuter way earlier.

5. It’s OK to dress up when no one else does.

This one I actually figured out a few years ago, before I was done with my twenties for good, and it’s a useful lesson. People will look at you weird (with the side-eye) for being underdressed, but they will be envious of your confidence if you’re overdressed. Nothing wrong with it.

6. Keep your shoes and purse in top shape.

This is a lesson for which I can thank my mother, who has always been full of fashionable advice. Particularly when you’re going into an important meeting, like a job interview, which will happen often in your first decade out of school—you should be acutely aware that you are being judged on your looks. Obviously, you’re also being judged for other things, like talent and hard work, but you won’t get far if you don’t look polished. Whether or not that’s how it should be doesn’t matter—that’s how it is. So suck it up and buy new heels, whether or not you want to.

7. Shop your budget.

Don’t spend yourself into debt. That handbag you’re in love with now that will cost half your rent won’t be as special next year while you’re struggling to pay off your credit card bill. Seriously, walk away.

8. Don’t wear a jean skirt. EVER.

All of us—ALL OF US—are, at any given point in our twenties and probably most of our teens, too old to be wearing a jean skirt. Especially if it’s a cutoff. Have some self-respect, ladies.

9. Wash off your makeup every day and use a face lotion with sunscreen.

It only takes a few extra minutes at the end of the night, and you can even do it while wasted on a Saturday evening! You won’t see the effects of your good habits for a few years, but I promise, the time spent is worth it. Oh, and while I’m here, another piece of beauty advice: Quit smoking. Yes, being a “social smoker” is still terrible for your health. And maybe go to yoga once in a while.

10. You don’t have to look perfect all the time.

You don’t. You really, really don’t. This is a huge perk of living in Los Angeles, that most people are casual and the uniform de rigueur seems to be nice sweats. I especially take advantage this on Sunday mornings at brunch: yoga pants, sunglasses and a hat. Can’t miss.

11. Choose a signature piece.

Oh, this is my favorite. Each year, I put some extra cash into a nice, noticeable necklace. The last two years have been big and chunky and have come with endless compliments.

12. It’s OK to make fashion mistakes.

Because, the worst thing that happens is in 10 years (or sometimes two), you look back and laugh. Seriously, the fashion police aren’t an actual thing—no one will send you to jail.

Look of the Week: Kate Bosworth at Bvlgari Retrospective

Usually I pick the look of the week based on an overall look: outfit, hair, shoes, makeup, accessories, etc. This week, however, I am basing it solely on beauty because, wowzers, check out Kate Bosworth’s makeup at the Bvlgari Retrospective opening at the M.H. De Younger Memorial Museum in San Francisco last night. Beautiful and natural and gooooorgeous!

kateb091913-_1Photo credit: Steve Jennings/Getty Images