Morning Run and an Amazing View

We are in week #6 of training for the 2014 L.A. Marathon, and I’ve been trying to squeeze in some runs before work. This morning, I finished up and decided I had enough energy to do stairs in my building. When I got to the top of the stairs, which end at the door to the roof, I realized I’d never taken advantage of our top-of-the-building view! I got there just as the sun came up. Beautiful—a great way to start the morning!


Marathon Training Week #2

After a bit of fog, it turned out to be a beautiful morning for a training run. We’re on week two of our training schedule for the L.A. Marathon (March 9), and we blasted through 5 miles this morning. I’m doing some adjusting with my pre-run dinner and morning-of breakfast to figure out what works, and I’m thinking next week I’ll try a banana before running. Does anyone out there have some suggestions on what you like best before a morning run? I’d love your advice!

Run Oct 26