7 Things I Learned about Parks & Recreation and the Cast at PaleyFest 2014

Alec and I went to the Parks & Recreation panel at PaleyFest this week at the Dolby Theater, and it was a pretty great way to spend a Tuesday evening. If you can get tickets to a fun panel, I suggest trying it, if only to see a new episode of the latest show a few days early. (But no spoilers, which co-creator Mike Schur requested). Oh wait, I have to mention that it was moderated by freaking Patton Oswalt and he was a hilarious genius, of course.

1. Amy Poehler is hilarious and clever and cute all time, especially two glasses deep into a nice white wine, which she had on stage and didn’t hesitate to pour for other cast mates.

2. Nick Offerman’s favorite guest star on P&R was Megan Mullaly (obvs).

3. Jean-Ralphio (Ben Schwartz) and Mona Lisa (Jenny Slate) are often asked if they are brother and sister in real life because they look so much alike. Alas, they aren’t.

4. Mike Schur, P&R co-creator, insisted that if Jerry (Gerry or Larry)’s work life was going to be so pathetic, than his home life had to be unexpectedly better than anyone’s. Hence, Christie Brinkley.

5. Back to Nick Offerman, who, with a full-grown beard (and just a bit of silver fox mixed in) is extremely handsome, especially in a well-tailored suit. Also, he’s done full-frontal (in Deadwood) and all the shots on the show of him wood-working are done in his personal wood-working studio at his home.

6. Amy Poehler was blown away by the amount of love fans started offering once the mic went to the crowd and almost teared up on stage.

7. Also, more Amy Poehler stuff: She said she felt like she and Leslie are almost the same person: “I love her exuberance. I’m a little lazier and more cynical and more checked out than she is,” Poehler said. “She tells everyone all the time what she’s feeling. What’s cool about her is there’s nothing cool about her.” Poehler also said that the P&R season finale was “bonkers” and would have “a lot of change.”

Can’t wait to find out about that tid-bit!

PaleyFest2 PaleyFest3 PaleyFest4 PaleyFest5

Photos of the Day: Vegas Desert

We made it out alive! But just barely. There’s nothing that makes you realize how old you are more than a night in Vegas. There are more pictures to come later, but I handed these in for my photo assignment this week. These are the edited versions (which we’re not allowed to do for class) because I didn’t adjust my white balance and everything turned out a bit blue. Lessons learned!

We stopped at this funny gas station around the halfway mark that had moving, talking, um, statues? Robots? Not sure what they were, but they urged me to try to the brisket sold inside. (Nope.) We had a great weekend!

Road Trip 1 road trip 2

Start Spreadin’ the News

I’m so happy to announce that two of my pictures will be featured in the APA—LA Off the Clock exhibition! Ready for April to get here!

The first photo was taken at the Run or Dye 5K (Inland Empire) this past summer, and the second photo was taken at the Getty Center in Los Angeles, also last summer.

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Photo of the Day: (A Bit Scary) Self-Portrait

I make it no secret that I hate being in photos. Like, HATE being in photos. I’m pretty sure most people think I’m joking or only half mean that, but no—part of the reason I’m loving my photography classes is because it gives me an excuse to be behind the camera instead of in front of it.

So, this week’s assignment was to take a self-portrait.


The good news is that I knew about this particular assignment way ahead of time and got it out of the way awhile ago (this is why my “about” section has anything to look at. Two birds, one camera.)

Anyway, just to add some fun to the mix, I also did a “self-portrait” with the bobble heads Alec and I received as a wedding present. Love these! They make me smile every day, much like my hubby.

Bobble Heads EDITED.jpg

Photos of the Day: Garden Party

Our friends, Seth and Danielle, are getting married soon, and her wedding shower was last weekend. Laura, our lovely hostess, threw a French garden party to celebrate and was kind enough to let me play shutterbug. Below are my favorites, which I also used for our weekly photo assignment, which was design focused this time.

Shower Danielle an Sis EDITEDShower Food 3 EDITED Shower Flowers 2 EDITED Shower Food 1 EDITED Shower Food 4 EDITED Shower Flowers 1 EDITED Shower Food 5 EDITEDShower Danielle and Sis EDITED Shower Gifts EDITED Shower Flowers 3 EDITEDShower Food 2 EDITED

Let’s Talk About this V-Day Thing

When I tell people that my hubby and I don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day, I sometimes get weird looks. Confused looks. I-don’t-actually-believe-you looks. But we just don’t feel like it. I don’t have a good answer for you on why not—we just don’t. But here’s the thing: I’m pretty sure that a lot of you agree with me. That after all the flash and expense of your major, end-of-year holidays and then New Year’s Eve, it’s just exhausting to celebrate something else that’s really like a lot of the other days of the year.

I’m sure when we have kids, this will change. We’ll want—need—at least one designated day a year that is just for the two of us to spend an evening together. But for now? We like watching scary movies and cooking dinner. Which, by the way, happens a lot to begin with. But it’s become our default V-day tradition. (Except for this year. Until the marathon is over and my Saturday mornings are no longer reserved for long runs, my Fridays are exclusively “eat carbs” and “go to bed early” nights.)

Another exception to our tradition this year, though, is Galentine’s Day. I suggest you click on over to Netflix and watch the Parks & Rec episode where Leslie Knope takes her lady friends to breakfast and celebrates how wonderful they are by showering them with gifts, candy and love. It’s the day before V-day and it’s Galentine’s Day. In that spirit, my hubs got me Leslie Knope stickers in celebration of both Galentine’s and Valentines Days.

leslie knope stickers 2

Now I’m just trying to figure out where to put them. But I know you’re jealous! I’m like the coolest fourth grader you know—remember how great stickers were? Lisa Frank truly instilled a special sticker love in us all.

Photo of the Day: Love Letters

As many of you know, I’ve started in on my photography classes! I’ll be posting photos “of the day” every once in a while from my projects (if I like them!). I’m starting with our first assignment, bracketing. I won’t show you all the photos that resulted from this, but just my favorite: love letters that my grandparents wrote to each other while my grandfather was in military school. I’m not huge on romance, but these letters get me.


Busting Out: Some Love for Ladies Who Are “Blessed with Chest”

Up until about, mmm, sayyy, four years ago, I had huge boobs. Like, HUGE. But it’s not like I was enjoying some super hot Sophia Vergara-like existence. Life was not about looking curvacious and cute in sexy clothes. No—my back and shoulders were constantly in pain at the end of each day, when I would have to lie down and give my body a rest from the extra weight I was carrying around on my chest.

Small boobs on my wedding day! No back pain, just fun. Photo by Danielle Capito Photography
Small boobs on my wedding day! No back pain, just fun. Photo by Danielle Capito Photography

Ever since they cropped up at the age of 13, my boobs were a constant hazard. It was awkward being so young with such an adult physique. There was a lot of staring and teasing in school, and I didn’t know how to handle this “development” much better than anyone else knew how to ignore it. What made it even more of a challenge was being required to wear a uniform everyday that included button-down shirts, and as ladies with big boobs will tell you—button-downs are impossible. You have to buy them big enough to not bust open, and at that point you look like you’re wearing a garbage bag. SO FREAKING FUN, let me tell you.

Anyway, clothing was a constant challenge. Most shopping trips ended in tears because I just wanted to look cute and dainty like my friends, but it just wasn’t going to happen. There weren’t a ton of options then besides just buying bigger (too big) clothes. Finally, in 2009, after talking about it for years, I had a breast reduction and went from about an F cup (by this time, my boobs had continued to grow since high school and college, when I had been a DD) to a modest C cup. After some weight loss, I’m now a B cup and couldn’t be happier—it’s the best thing I’ve ever done.

But, this post is for those big-breasted women whose pain I felt. I wish I’d had a resource when I was in high school on the best chest tamers. For those who are lucky enough to be able deal with this problem with today’s technology, below are some links to help with everything from clothes to bras to bathing suits (and, of course, the Sophia Vergara collection).