4 Hot Babes You’ll Say “Yeah, Right” to When They Tell You They’re Plus-Size Models

Real talk, guys: I had trouble not bursting into laughter when I wrote “Plus-Size” into this headline. These girls are gorgeous models, and they happen to not be a size 00. Technically, they’re plus-size models—but after looking at these ladies, what does that even mean ? From what I gather, it means anyone who doesn’t fit into designer sample sizes, and I’m going to guess that pretty much all of us. (Also, side note: A former Cosmopolitan editor recently wrote an exposé on how, in more recent years, women’s magazines have put more effort into photoshopping models to look bigger (“fuller” might be a better word). It’s worth a read.)

4. Leah Kelley

Leah burst onto the scene recently modeling Robin Lawley’s (see below) swimsuit line, and people went nuts—over an instagram of the shoot. The swimwear wasn’t even out yet! You can see why she is such a hit.

Leah Kelley Leah Kelley

3. Toccara Jones

Though she finished in seventh place on season three of America’s Next Top Model, Ms. Jones has gone on to a fabulous modeling career and even has her own workout DVD, Toccara’s Fabulous Workout.

Toccara Jones2Tocarra Jones

2. Robyn Lawley

So. Much. Gorgeous. Robyn has worked with massively talented photographers including Lee Broomfield and Steven Meisel and is the first plus-size (sorry, “plus-size,” because, be serious. She’s skinny if she’s anything.) model to appear in a campaign for Ralph Lauren.

Robyn LawleyRobyn Lawley 2

1. Crystal Renn

My all time favorite model, Crystal Renn, is pretty much perfection from every angle. She caught flak a few years ago for losing weight, but her rep assured us she was just exercising and hiking more, and not starving herself.

crystal renn_fordmodels185054-800w Crystal Renn2

New Year, New Wardrobe

Give yourselves a pat on the back guys, because, congrats—we made it through the holidays and to the new year with our sanity firmly in tact (eh, sure).

I love to start the new year fresh. After setting a bunch of goals for 2014, my favorite way to stay motivated is to clean out the old clothes I don’t wear anymore and re-build with a wardrobe that inspires a new routine. If you’re rebooting your wardrobe too, you’ll need these staples (buying info here):

1. Accessories

Stand out with a chunky necklace—this year, the chunkier (and wilder), the better.

Screen Shot 2014-01-03 at 11.45.59 AM

2. A Jacket, a Sweater, a Blouse

Each of these make for a versatile wardrobe, especially when you rotate them with…

Screen Shot 2014-01-03 at 11.46.34 AM

3. Jeans, Jeans and Jeans

Worry about pants later—right now, you need to get comfy in denim: black jeans, boyfriend jeans and dress-up jeans (for a night on the town that doesn’t require a dress).

Screen Shot 2014-01-03 at 11.46.46 AM

4. Boots!

While it’s still cold out, enjoy the best part of cold weather and strap on a pair of heeled boots. Or, to stay a bit more comfy, try quilted riding boots.

Screen Shot 2014-01-03 at 11.46.56 AM

5. Last But Not Least: The Bag

Do I really need to give you a reason to buy a new purse?

Screen Shot 2014-01-03 at 11.47.31 AM

10 Dresses to Shine Bright in for New Year’s Eve

With all the craziness of the holidays and time (not to mention money) spent shopping for other people—did you forget to buy yourself something shiny? Maybe something perfect for New Year’s Eve? Fear not—FMLA is here with a dress for everyone. For buying info, visit my page on Polyvore.

Screen Shot 2013-12-30 at 4.20.52 PM

7 Worst Fashion Mistakes of 2013

There were a lot of fashion highlights in 2013 (Jennifer Lawrence in Dior, Kerry Washington in anything…) and we’ve already done a roundup of our top posts of 2013, but let’s be honest: It’s way more fun to look back on the worst fashion mistakes made this year. So, in the spirit of the new year and hopefully in the spirit of not making the same mistakes again (though, give it 10 years. If the 90s made a comeback (eesh), then so will peplum), here are the seven worst fashion mishaps of the year.

7. Rihanna for River Island

The pop singer debuted her second collection for River Island this year, and it was hideous. She may be quite beautiful, but her “designs” were more of the “Just put some leather or camo on it and call it a day” kind of effort.

Screen Shot 2013-12-30 at 11.23.23 AM


Sleeveless denim jackets to denim headbands to denim purses—all places where denim should never, ever go. Or visit again.

mulberry marques almeida diesel black gold denim

5. Flatforms

They’re platforms…that are flat. Say that out loud and decide if it sounds as dumb as it looks.


4. Peplum

Peplum, you tricky minx. I started 2013 absolutely loving peplum, and my closet shows it. I have a peplum dress and at least two peplum tops. The problem is that everytime I put them on, suddenly I’ve gained 10 pounds and lost my sanity. Seriously, it throws me for a loop at how bad peplum looks and how it manages to cut you off in the worst spot possible. In conclusion, peplum on models and super skinny celebs=yes. Peplum on everyone else=no.


3. Sheer Panels

Blurg, I’m bored just looking at this. Next.


2. “Designer” T-Shirts

Oh, you changed Hermés to Homiés? Céline to Féline? And then you charged a buttload for it on a t-shirt? How inspired.

Screen Shot 2013-12-30 at 11.41.41 AM

1. Lady Gaga

I go back and forth about all this Lady Gaga business. On the one hand, she’s extremely talented. And she certainly isn’t afraid to take fashion risks. But at a certain point, Lady G is just dressing weird for the sake of dressing weird. It’s no longer fresh and cool; it’s reaching. You know what Gaga could do to be shocking? Sweatpants and a ponytail. And Birkenstocks. (Oh, holy goodness, I’d flippin’ love to see Gaga in some hip 90s sandals.)

Because, eh. Enough already. I think her whole out-there image thing was less grating when she was making decent music. But Artpop? Techno throwaway junk. Which is a shame, because she can play the piano like a monster. Can we rally for a Gaga acoustic show? Sweatpants mandatory.

Screen Shot 2013-12-30 at 11.40.04 AM

Celebrate the Season in Silver & Gold

Christmas parties! New Year’s parties! And a few birthdays! Don’t you love this time of year? Not just because you get to snuggle in with your friends and family for holiday cheer and yummy eggnog (well, some of us love it), but also because that means shopping. Yes, shopping for your loved ones—but it doesn’t hurt to snag yourself a new dress for the new year, now does it? For details on the items below, visit Polyvore.

c900x900 (1)

8 Confessions of a Fashion Lover

I love fashion, that’s pretty obvious. But…

hbz-september-2013-sarah-jessica-parker-chanel-xln-857204481. I love love love designer clothes, but I don’t wear them.

I actually dress in basics every day: flats, skinny jeans, a cute-ish but plain top and whatever style I can wrangle my frizzy hair into. I always manage makeup, but that’s about as far as I go into fashion on a daily basis. Sometimes there’s cute jewelry involved. But that doesn’t mean I don’t have the interest—my floor is littered with fashion magazines, and I certainly have my industry idols (Sarah Burton, Joe Zee, Frida Giannini…on and on). I love the creativity and imagination that goes into designing clothes, and think it’s a courageous endeavor, to put your ideas out there for other people to critique. Fashion is art, and those who create it reveal their thoughts and emotions as any other artist would with a canvas or a pen.

2. I’m extremely camera shy.

Seriously, any photos you see of me that aren’t my hands—that took hours. And they are a result of playing with angles and light and trying to do some photo-editing magic. Instagram helps a lot.

3. No one says “fashionista.”

Ugh, people hate that. All people—not just fashion-industry types, but just, all people.

4. Runway shows go really fast.

You’ll wait and wait for one to start (all editors side-eye Marc Jacobs), but when they finally get the show on the road (or, runway, ha), it lasts like 10-15 minutes. And sometimes, I’ll see a look on the runway that I think looks kind of meh, maybe just OK, and then in photos later, it is stunning.

5. I kind of think Carrie Bradshaw is the worst.

I know all fashion lovers should worship at the feet of Sex and the City and Ms. Bradshaw, but I just can’t handle her ridiculous quotes: “I couldn’t help but wonder, can you make a mistake and miss your fate?” F-ing, no. If you missed it, then it wasn’t really your fate, now was it? But I guess you’d have to believe in fate to begin with. Vomit.

6. I have made some amazing fashion mistakes.

Just because you love fashion doesn’t mean you won’t fall victim to it (especially when you’re a teenager). Example: Did I own Uggs at some point? Yep. And early-2000’s tie-worn-as-belt? CHECK. However, I’m proud to say my closet has never seen a trucker hat or any juicy couture.

7. I flippin’ hate tiny hats.

Because…why? Why do you need to wear a hat that could fit a doll? I never understood why this became a thing for some people. Agh.

8. The people with the best style are not following trends.

What makes you and your style unique are the quirks—the weird stuff that maybe others wouldn’t try, but you jump right on in. Just go with it!

Simply Stylist Sessions with Kitson’s Courtney Saavedra, Pursuit of Shoes, WWD’s Khanh Tran and Mena Suvari

Simply Stylist hosted yet another fabulous event, this time at Kitson on Melrose. Speaking on the panel were actress Mena Suvari in an amazing leather bustier and Chanel necklace; Pursuit of Shoes blogger Ashley Torres, who dispensed advice about following a career path you want instead of one you feel like you must travel (she left the world of accounting to pursue fashion); WWD writer Khanh Tran, who pointed out that what journalists do in today’s digital world isn’t different from what we’ve always done—it’s the execution that has changed (e.g. finding sources through Twitter); and Kitson’s Director of Operations Courtney Saavedra, who emphasized the importance of networking for your career. It was an engaging and entertaining discussion that ended with champagne and yummy snacks.

Bringing Back the Brooch

This hadn’t occurred to me until I did my daily rounds of my favorite fashion blogs, and Wendy (of Wendy’s Lookbook) popped up in this gorgeous outfit, complete with a stunning brooch. And when I say complete, I mean, it was a fine outfit before the brooch, but the addition of a small tiger accessory made it unique and powerful. Seriously, it’s gorgeous.


{Photo courtesy of Wendy’s Lookbook}

Which makes me think—what about brooches for fall? If they’re this fabulous on a simple knit sweater, think how stunning they’ll be everywhere else! I included a few faves below, but next time you hit the flea market, keep an eye out for these gems! To purchase any of these gorgeous brooches, visit polyvore.com.


Lovely Links: My Favorite Fashion Blogs

It’s so important to always keep tabs on your industry—you never know where inspiration will pop up. I thought I’d share some of my favorite (and most inspiring) fashion blogs. Love!

Song of Style

Song of Style Aimee Song

Leading the fashion-blogging pack, Aimee (pronounced aw-mee) Song is at the top of the list for most-coveted clothes.

Cupcakes & Cashmere

Cupcakes and Cashmere

Besides modeling cute clothes, Emily gives us some great DIY crafts and yummy recipes.

Wendy’s Lookbook

Wendy's Lookbook

Every look she posts is perfection.



This curvy blogger’s intro says it all: “If you love fashion but you’re sick of being told to wear A-line skirts, wrap dresses, boot cut jeans, and slimming prints, this is the blog for you.”

What I Wore

Screen Shot 2013-11-07 at 11.54.21 AM

The best feature is the ability to search Jessica’s looks by color. Purple, anyone?

P.S. I Made This…

P.S.- I made this

Seriously, guys—Erica shows us how to make the cutest accessories ever.

Fash Boulevard

Fash Boulevard

Anna James blogs her cutest looks and celebs cutest looks—and continues to crush it blogging for Lauren Conrad.

The Daily Savant

The Daily Savant

Double win: Because Signe lives abroad, not only do we get fashion, we also get gorgeous pics of her travels.